July 19, 2016

“The graphics are clear, unbelievable.”

gizmodo: The United States Army’s Special Operations Command is reportedly ditching its slow and clunky Android phones for the faster iPhone with a sharper display. In other words, the Army thinks iPhones are just better. by William Turton

'According to a source who spoke to DoD Buzz, the Android phone used as part of the special forces tactical assault kit just wasn’t cutting it. Android would freeze unexpectedly, especially when trying to watch aerial feeds of unmanned drones, the source said. Now, the Army is going to give the iPhone 6s a spin.

'The smartphones allow members of the Special Operations Command to access rich information about the battlefield. There’s also quickly accessible information, like a weapons and ammunitions guide. Other apps can help with high altitude jumps; another can detect radiation. While DARPA helped develop the program on Android due to the operating system’s open platform, Apple’s hardware is apparently superior enough to warrant the switch.'

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