July 19, 2016

"Seven fully-autonomous computers will face off in a historic battle in Las Vegas early next month, as each try to defend themselves and point out flaws without any human control."

tech insider: Set for Aug. 4, DARPA's Cyber Grand Challenge finals will take place right in the middle of two of the biggest hacking conferences, Blackhat USA and DEFCON, possibly proving that machines can beat even the best human hackers. by Paul Szoldra

'“Cyber grand challenge is about bringing autonomy to the cyber domain," Mike Walker, program manager for the CGC, said in a conference call Wednesday. "What we hope to see is proof that the entire security life cycle can be automated."

'On average, Walker explained, flaws in software go unnoticed for around 312 days — which hackers can often exploit. And then once those flaws are noticed by a human, they need to be understood, patched, and then released out to the broader community.'

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