July 05, 2016

"Route 66 could be set for a seriously high-tech upgrade, turning the 'Main Street of America' into a solar-powered, glowing superhighway."

CNET: The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) has announced plans to upgrade a small stretch of the historic roadway, which originally ran from Chicago through America's Midwest to California. by Claire Reilly

'The project is in partnership with Solar Roadways, who creates specially-engineered, solar-powered panels which can support the weight of cars. The panels feature built-in LEDs to create light-up road markings and can be used to generate electricity to donate back to the grid.

'While Solar Roadways has won a number of contracts with the US Department of Transport, don't expect glowing arteries criss-crossing the country just yet. MoDOT said it hopes to lay the first panels starting with the Historic Route 66 Welcome Center by the end of the year, The Kansas City Star reports.'

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