July 30, 2016

"New Netflix series Stranger Things has been getting a lot of buzz this week for its pitch-perfect portrayal of early 1980s America."

CBC: From calculator watches to walkie talkies, the props transport you back in time and take you into the lives of a group boys living in the imaginary town of Hawkins, Indiana. by Brent Bambury via Day 6

'After one of their friends mysteriously vanishes, the boys get caught up in a sinister government operation woven with supernatural forces. The story channels all the elements of a classic 80s sci-fi, but what's most striking is the way the props recreate a reality long gone.

'Lynda Reiss is a prop master and she was tasked with finding all the right items to set the scene. She tells Brent that after reading the scripts she was hooked. "It took me back to watching every single one of the reference movies you see in the show, from ET and the Stephen King movies, the Steven Spielberg movies, the movies that made me want to make movies."

'Some of the key props include the Dungeons and Dragons figurines which Reiss says had to be the real deal.'

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