July 26, 2016

"New evidence shows that information from the Democratic National Committee hack might not be something you should trust: it appears to skirt a strange new territory between hacking and deliberate misinformation, and it all centers on an equally new military strategy from Russia."

Foxtrot Alpha: Today, Motherboard published “the so-far definitive piece on the DNC hack and Russia,” as PopSci writer and Foxtrot Alpha contributor Kelsey Atherton put it. by Raphael Orlove

'The piece’s headline is straightforward: All Signs Point To Russia Being Behind The DNC Hack.

'The piece illustrates clearly how the hack does not appear to have sprung from the work of a single crazed hacker, as it presented itself. Instead, there are key pieces of evidence that point to a team of hackers, hackers working from Russia.

'There were IP addresses that multiple cybersecurity companies link to Russian intelligence, hastily-deleted bits of cyrillic tucked deep into code, a user named after a statue in front of KGB headquarters, strange messages to the press that didn’t match the hacker’s claimed Romanian identity, and there were “fingerprints” that match a Russian spy hack of the German government.'

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