July 23, 2016

"Microsoft and a team of concerned engineers from across the security sector have joined forces to suggest a major re-write of the arms control pact the Wassenaar Arrangement, as they fear the document's terms are a threat tot he information security industry."

the register: The pitch is the result of brainstorming by the group to redefine the core aims of the Arrangement, which aims to restrict export of both weapons and "dual-use" items that have military potential beyond their main functions. by Darren Pauli

'The Arrangement was negotiated and signed behind closed doors in 2013, without the infosec industry's participation.

'The Arrangement's provisions are broad as it (see this PDF) aims to stop the sale of exploitation software to restricted regimes with poor human-rights records that it promises to impact almost every aspect of the information security industry.

'If the Wassenaar Arrangement carries through under its current state, it will force Microsoft to submit some 3800 applications for arms export every year, company assistant general counsel Cristin Goodwin says.'

"Wassenaar Arrangement 'inhibits international cyber-security efforts'" by Tom Reeve here

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