July 23, 2016

“I still can’t come home...And we don’t know when that’ll change.”

Guardian: San Diego Comic-Con plays host to a number of unusual celebrities, both in person and over the internet, but perhaps its strangest to date was Thursday’s unofficial inclusion via satellite connection to a Russian webcam of Edward Snowden himself, projected at several times life size on the screen that had just recently shown Joseph Gordon-Levitt as the man himself in a film version of the last 10 years of Snowden’s life. by Sam Thielman

'The screening was almost a secret: only press and people associated with the film were invited, and though there are movie premiere venues galore in the convention center and around San Diego, the event was held on the fifth floor of a nondescript mall. Attendees were searched with black Garrett metal-detector wands before being allowed into the venue.

'“The FBI gets a copy of this talk because it’s through Google Hangouts,” Snowden quipped after declining to go into more detail about how the data he passed to the Guardian was removed from the NSA station in Hawaii where he worked. “Anybody basically who asks nicely gets a court order.”'

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