July 24, 2016

"Five employees from cybersecurity firm Quadsys have admitted to hacking to a rival company's servers to allegedly steal customer data and pricing information."

ZDNet: According to The Register, members of the top Quadsys ranks pleaded guilty to hacking charges following a string of hearings. By Charlie Osborne

'The owner of Quadsys, Paul Streeter, managing director Paul Cox, director Alistair Barnard, account manager Steve Davies and security consultant Jon Townsend all appeared at Oxford Crown Court and admitted to "obtaining unauthorised access to computer materials to facilitate the commission of an offence."

'This could lead to up to 12 months in prison or fines.

'In March 2015, the five men were arrested and then charged in August. The group were originally held on suspicion of conspiracy to commit computer misuse offences, unauthorised PC access and conspiracy to acquire and use criminal property -- allegedly, the data belonging to customers of the rival company, as well as the firm's pricing tiers.'

"Bosses at UK infosec biz Quadsys confess to hacking rival reseller" by Paul Kunert here

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