July 27, 2016

"Committee was apparently using incredibly weak passwords for some of its accounts, according to internal emails recently published online."

Business Insider: An email thread from May 2016 reveals that an account for the party's press email, dncpress@dnc.org, apparently had passwords such as "Obama-Biden-2012" and "obamain08" at some point in time. by Paul Szoldra

'The revelation came in an email sent by Pablo Manriquez, a staffer who was trying to figure out what the new password was.

'"Apologies for delay in sending this out but I cannot login to dncpress@dnc.org

'The email address was apparently an alias account that anyone could send from, as another staffer explained. The thread was just one of nearly 20,000 emails recently published online by WikiLeaks, about a month after the DNC learned that it had been infiltrated by hackers.'

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