July 26, 2016

"A slew of subtle shifts in strategy over the past year have made it clear that Twitter sees news as the way to kick-start its stagnating growth."

vanity fair: The company inked deals to livestream sporting and political events. by Emily Jane Fox

'This spring, it went from categorizing itself as a “Social Networking” app to a “News” app in the iOS App Store. Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s C.E.O. who has only officially been in the role since October, spent parts of the last two earnings calls telling investors about the importance of live. It is position he acknowledged rather poignantly in Nick Bilton's definitive profile of the co-founder, published last month.

'Now, Twitter is making its intentions much more explicit through a new marketing campaign. The campaign, which launches today, is all about what’s happening—what’s trending, what games are going on, what news events are breaking, what are people talking about, live, right now. A video at the center of the campaign cycles through footage of Black Lives Matters protests, athletes competing in the Olympics and a woman playing Pok√©mon Go, Lin-Manuel Miranda on stage at Hamilton, and Donald Trump stumping at a campaign rally.'

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