June 02, 2016

"Startup jargon is alive and well, and it seems to be getting worse."

Quartz: “Content.” “Platforms.” “Synergy.” “End-to-end.” “Solutions.” It’s nearly impossible to find a startup at the conference that doesn’t resort to jargon when describing itself. by Josh Horwitz

'These words sound technical and informed. But they mean nothing, and they make it difficult for ordinary people to understand what a company actually does. In an effort to either sound smart and attract investors, or to simply dress up an otherwise boring product, startups that rely too much on jargon end up alienating the users they want to attract.

'Startups resort to jargon in order to sound more interesting than they actually are, Casey Lau, a startup event organizer in Hong Kong, said.

'“The word cloud sounds very expansive and grand,” he says. “But if you just said We’re on the internet, which is what cloud usually means, then it doesn’t sound as exciting.”'

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