June 15, 2016

"SpaceX launched a pair of communications satellites atop a Falcon 9 rocket Wednesday but a now-familiar attempt to recover the booster's first stage was unsuccessful."

CBS News: The booster appeared to make it back to a SpaceX landing ship, but company founder Elon Musk tweeted the "booster rocket had a RUD on droneship." by William Harwood

'RUD means "rapid unscheduled disassembly." In other words, the booster crashed.

'"Looks like thrust was low on 1 of 3 landing engines," Musk said. "High g landings v[ery] sensitive to all engines operating at max." He added, "Upgrades underway to enable rocket to compensate for a thrust shortfall on one of the three landing engines. Probably get there end of year."

'It was the California rocket company's fifth unsuccessful drone-ship landing after three straight successes, one in April and two in May. Including a successful landing at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station last December, SpaceX's recovery record now stands at four successes in nine attempts.'

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