June 09, 2016

"Scientists say they have demonstrated a foolproof way of sequestering atmospheric carbon dioxide — turning it into rock."

The Australian: An international team of researchers says it has demonstrated for the first time that CO2 can be permanently locked away from the atmosphere by injecting it into volcanic bedrock. by John Ross

'The study, reported this morning in the journal Science, could overcome the leakage problems that have plagued attempts to bury CO2 gas underground.

'The alternative involves injecting the gas into deep wells to form carbonic acid, which reacts with minerals in the rock — eventually forming “environmentally benign” minerals such as calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate.

'Similar techniques are being trialled around the world, including in the NSW city of Newcastle. But the University of Southampton, which led the new study, said there had been doubts about the approach’s practicability. “Until now it was thought this process would take hundreds to thousands of years,” it said in a statement. “The current study has demonstrated that it can take as little as two years.”

'Lead author Juerg Matter said between 95 per cent and 98 per cent of the injected CO2 had been mineralised in less than two years, “which is amazingly fast”.'

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