June 29, 2016

"Ready to face some of the best university teams from Romania, India, and the United States, UWaterloo’s own Nanotech Engineering students took the 2016 Mobile Microrobotics Challenge."

University of Waterloo: After packing up their trusted microbot, the team made the journey to Sweden, where they competed in tests of autonomy, accuracy and assembly. by Aleks Bahdanovich

'The NanoRobotics Group (UW_NRG) team consists of more than 20 undergraduate students from across the Faculty of Engineering. Although the team has competed in the international challenge since it was founded in 2007, this year marks their first victory in the competition.

'The UW_NRG team has a fleet of five tiny robots, and this year, they’ve selected "EMMA" to impress the judges in Stockholm. Their roboto EMMA, ElectroMagnetic MicroActuation, can manipulate the magnetic field around itself to relocate with sub-micron precision.

'As the microrobotics field continues to grow, so too does the scope of applications for robots like EMMA. If you’ve got an affection for nanotech, keep an eye on UW NRG. You could also be involved in developing the next wave of nanotech tools.'

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