June 17, 2016

"As far as we know, Earth is pretty special."

tech insider: Scientists have found more than 3,200 distant planets, but none are quite as conducive to life as ours. by Rebecca Harrington

'Some have the potential to be, though, falling in a "Goldilocks" habitable zone: where water could be liquid.

'The most promising of these worlds are small, rocky bodies that orbit their star (or stars) at a distance similar to Earth's from the sun.

'Top nine exoplanets that scientists at the Planetary Habitability Laboratory think might support human (or maybe even alien) life slideshow here

'They're all ranked by their Earth Similarity Index (ESI) — a shortcut to assessing a world's "Earthiness," with 0.0 being a hellish gas giant, 0.7 being a Mars, and 1.0 being a near-copy of our home planet.'

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