June 27, 2016

"A botnet of over 25,000 bots is at the heart of recent DDoS attacks that are ferociously attacking business across the world with massive Layer 7 DDoS attacks that are overwhelming Web servers, occupying their resources and eventually crashing websites."

softpedia: US-based security vendor Sucuri discovered this botnet, very active in the last few weeks, and they say it's mainly composed of compromised CCTV systems from across the world. By Catalin Cimpanu

'Their first meeting with the botnet came when a jewelry shop that was facing a prolonged DDoS attack opted to move their website behind Sucuri's main product, its WAF (Web Application Firewall).

'Sucuri thought they had this one covered, just like other cases where companies that move their sites behind their WAF block the attacks, and eventually the attacker moves on to other targets.

'Instead, they were in for a surprise. While the initial attack was a Layer 7 DDoS with over 35,000 HTTP requests per second hitting the server and occupying its memory with garbage traffic, as soon as the attackers saw the company upgrade their website, they quickly ramped up the attack to 50,000 requests.

'For Layer 7 attacks this is an extraordinarily large number, enough to drive any server into the ground. But this wasn't it. The attackers continued their assault at this high level for days.'

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