May 09, 2016

"Turkish hackers tweeted a URL yesterday pointing to a massive collection of files, which they claim belongs to UAE's InvestBank."

Softpedia: Softpedia has downloaded the leaked data for research purposes. By Catalin Cimpanu

'The InvestBank data is offered as a 1.5 GB ZIP file (9.4 GB unzipped) that contains 12,927 files. Besides folders that contain the actual data, the hacker also included screenshots that appear to show him navigating through the bank's MSSQL database.

'There are seven main folders in the ZIP file's root directory. The first folder is named "accountsPdf" and contains 3,383 PDF files. Softpedia has not opened all files, but from the sample we did look at, these files are individual account statements.

'The second folder in the ZIP file's root directory is named "Babu" and holds a lot more information. Here Softpedia found details on some of the bank's 2014 investors, 129 scans of IDs and documents involved in land deals, 170 passport scans for both adults and children, and contact details for 522 bank employees in various countries.

'Other documents we found in this folder that were larger than a few KBs and with suggestive names included details about other bank contacts, (very few) customer credit card numbers, server passwords from the bank's internal network, server logs, monthly expenses, and others.'

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