May 26, 2016

Tor "says it implemented a new mechanism for generating random numbers, never before seen on the Internet."

Softpedia: The Tor Project says it created something it calls "a distributed RNG" (random number generator) that uses two or more computers to create multiple random numbers and then blends these outputs together. By Catalin Cimpanu

'The end result is something that's impossible to crack without knowing which computers from a network contributed to the final random number, and which entropy each one used.

'The Tor team says their new distributed RNG system is so strong not even the people who designed the new protocol can predict its output.

'Tor devs finished the new distributed RNG system a few months back, and at the Montreal meeting, the Tor team tested it on a network with eleven Tor routers. Currently, the distributed RNG is in the code review and auditing stage.

'"It's a complex system with multiple protocol phases that involves many computers working together in perfect synergy," the Tor team explains. "As far as we know, a distributed random generation system like this has never been deployed before on the Internet."'

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