May 27, 2016

"The space tourism market is estimated at $1 billion, Energia Rocket and Space Corporation Vice-President Alexander Derechin said at a scientific conference on May 26."

Russia Beyond the Headlines: He also said the market for commercial manned flights was worth $1 billion overall, including multi-entry systems (commercial winged spacecraft) - $500 million, manned flights to low near-Earth orbits - $300 million, suborbital flights - $100 million and deep space flights - $100 million. via Interfax

'"This is our idea of space market fragments," Derechin said in comments on the presented data.

'Seven tourists have visited outer space, and one of them did that twice. All the tourists traveled aboard Russian Soyuz spacecraft built by Energia Corporation.

'Space Adventures was the operator of those flights. The company said it was ready to organize a tour around the Moon onboard a Soyuz spaceship for a fee of $150 million per person. The latest tours to the near-Earth orbit cost about $40 million.'

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