May 12, 2016

"More impressive than the amount of code, and what truly makes Linux the world's largest software project is the fact that last year around 4,000 developers and at least 440 different companies that contributed to the kernel."

CIO: Kroah-Hartman said, "It's the largest software development project ever, in the history of computing — by the number of people using it, developing it, and now using it, and the number of companies involved." By Swapnil Bhartiya

'There are over 10,800 lines of code added, 5,300 lines of code removed and over 1,875 lines of code modified. Every. Single. Day. That amounts to over 8 changes per second.

'That’s massive. What it means is that Linux kernel, unlike many other technologies, is constantly changing, evolving and getting better.

'Kroah-Hartman said, “When I first started doing this, we were doing two-and-a-half changes an hour. Everybody was like, ‘Huh, no way. We can never go faster; that's insane.’ Microsoft and Apple said, ‘You guys win.’ Literally, they said that ... ‘We cannot compete. You guys are going to go farther than anybody. There's no way we can keep up.’ We are going faster, and we keep going faster every single time.”'

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