May 01, 2016

"Hot on the heels of a new artificial intelligence-capable thermal imaging camera, chip maker Movidius has yet another AI implementation up its sleeve: a USB stick that can allow pretty much any Linux computer to handle advanced neural networks, one of the building blocks of AI."

PC Magazine: The San Mateo, Calif.-based company announced the device, called the Fathom Neural Compute Stick, today along with its Fathom deep-learning software framework. by Tom Brant

'Together, the two products will enable device manufacturers to move AI processing from the cloud to native deployment in end-user devices.

'Such a step is critical if AI is to become as ubiquitous as its advocates claim it can be. While massive data centers with powerful GPUs can quickly churn through complex machine-learning problems, it isn't always feasible or practical to find enough bandwidth to transfer the results to user devices.

'The Fathom stick isn't a standalone device. Instead, it works much the same way you'd boost your PC's memory using Windows' ReadyBoost feature. Once it's plugged into a Linux-powered device, it will enable that device to perform neural network functions like language comprehension, image recognition, and pattern detection.'

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