May 23, 2016

"Google's new app, Science Journal, helps turn your Android device into a tricorder of sorts."

PC Magazine: With it, you can use your smartphone's sensors to gather data, and the Android app helps you visualize and graph this data in an easy-to-understand way.  By David Murphy

'So, for example, you could use the app to measure sound in a particular area over a period of time, or the movement of the device's internal accelerometers depending on what you're doing (spinning your phone in a circle, perhaps).

'The app doesn't let you do a ton of measurements so far, but Google is working to expand its functionality. It's also partnering with San Francisco's Exploratorium to develop external kits that can be used in conjunction with the Science Journal app—which include various microcontrollers and other sensors.

'"Though we love seeing visitors on our museum floor exploring everything from sound to speed to color, what we love even more is inspiring a world of curious learners. We're excited about making hands-on exploration accessible to people in a place where they already are—their mobile devices. Every time you have a mobile device in your hand is an opportunity to ask questions about the world around you. We hope you'll take it," the Exploratorium said in a blog post.'

See Science Journal here

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