May 12, 2016

"Google is open sourcing its new language parsing model for English, which it calls 'Parsey McParseface'."

the next web: When Google was trying to figure out what to call its language parsing technology, someone suggested Parsey McParseface; it’s a bit like Apple’s Liam, which has no clever backstory either. by Nate Swanner

'The overall AI model model is called SyntaxNet (please make your SkyNet jokes now); ‘ol Parsey is just for English. Combining machine learning and search techniques, Parsey McParseface is 94 percent accurate, according to Google.

'It also leans on SyntaxNet’s neural-network framework for analyzing the linguistic structure of a sentence or statement, which parses the functional role of each word in a sentence.

'Parsey McParseface and SyntaxNet aren’t a solution; Google considers them a first step toward better AI language parsing, which is a persistent hurdle.'

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