May 18, 2016

"FBI agents are currently trying to subpoena one of Tor's core software developers to testify in a criminal hacking investigation, CNNMoney has learned."

CNN: But the developer, who goes by the name Isis Agora Lovecruft, fears that federal agents will coerce her to undermine the Tor system -- and expose Tor users around the world to potential spying. by Jose Pagliery

'That's why, when FBI agents approached her and her family over Thanksgiving break last year, she immediately packed her suitcase and left the United States for Germany. "I was worried they'd ask me to do something that hurts innocent people -- and prevent me from telling people it's happening," she said in an exclusive interview with CNNMoney.

'The FBI declined to comment on the matter, citing a policy to neither confirm nor deny the existence of ongoing investigations.

'However, according to an FBI agent familiar with the case, FBI agents in Atlanta and Los Angeles are seeking Lovecruft's help to investigate a hacking case in which she, in their eyes, is "connected."

'The Electronic Frontier Foundation, which advocates for Internet freedom, has now taken up her cause. "Her primary goal is to make sure she can come back to the United States when she wants to do that," said Nate Cardozo, a senior staff attorney at EFF. "And to have threats of subpoenas explained or go away."'

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