May 12, 2016

"A new report from PwC finds that drones could replace $127 billion worth of human labour and services across several industries."

Business Insider: Infrastructure and agriculture make up the largest chunks of the potential value — some $77.6 billion between them — including services like completing the last mile of delivery routes and spraying crops with laser-like precision. by Chris Weller

'Economists seem to agree that robot automation poses real threats to human labour within the next few decades. The best evidence suggests automated robots will replace 50% of all jobs by the 2030s. Some evidence even suggests that today’s technology could feasibly replace 45% of jobs right now.

'Drones are a cheap, versatile first step toward that future. According to the new PwC report, they’re also a solid cost-cutting measure.

'Along with infrastructure and agriculture, drones will help tech giants like Amazon deliver packages, allow security companies to better monitor their sites, help producers and advertisers to film projects, allow telecommunication firms to easily check on their towers, and give mining companies a new way to plan their digs.'

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