April 02, 2016

"The 'total war' that Anonymous declared earlier this month against Donald Trump has devolved into a war among hackers fighting within the group and pro-Trump supporters who are trolling them within their chat rooms."

tech insider: Back in early March, hackers affiliated with Anonymous tried to reboot their Operation Trump campaign by calling for everyone to take down Trump's websites in a coordinated effort on April 1. by Paul Szoldra

'Almost immediately, the initiative was criticized by people within Anonymous as irresponsible and "cringeworthy," but a dedicated group apparently moved on with the plan.

'On April 1st, many of the GOP frontrunner's sites were still standing; there were now two competing "Op: Trump" chatrooms with totally different missions; and one of them had been flooded with pro-Trump supporters and others leaving trolling comments like "Hitler did nothing wrong."

'In short: The so-called war seems to be a complete disaster. It's unclear when the split between Anonymous factions occurred, but it seems to have happened sometime after a hacker named Beemsee, who has been leading the original OpTrump effort, released a new statement claiming that attacking Trump's websites was all a ruse for publicity around April Fools' Day.'

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