April 27, 2016

"On April 21, at the 12th Chongqing Hi-Tech fair, the National Defense University, a hotbed of Chinese military innovations, debuted the world's first armed (albeit less than lethal) police robot."

Popular Science: The Ministry of Public Security was very excited about the Anbot. By Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer

'As People's Daily extols, "AnBot is able to patrol autonomously and protect against violence or unrest."

'The 1.5 meter tall, 78 kg Anbot looks like a cross between Star Wars' R2D2 and Doctor Who's Daleks, with a touchscreen on top. It has enough battery power for 8 hours of operations, autonomous navigation and intelligent video analysis, and can reach speeds of 18 kmh to chase down fleeing criminals or respond to emergencies.

'The Anbot can also rush over to the scene if a bystander cries for help, and it can even recharge itself without human intervention (bad news in the event of a robot uprising). NDU promises that in addition to standard police patrolling, the Anbot can undertake riot control, by remotely firing its electroshock weapons (or by running over unruly protesters).'

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