April 10, 2016

"IBM announced late last year that it was adding NVIDIA's Tesla K80 processing engines to...Watson's cognitive computing development."

Hot Hardware: Watson is more capable and human-like than ever before, especially when injected into a robot body. by Dave Altavilla and Paul Lilly

'We got to see this first-hand at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference (GTC) when Rob High, an IBM fellow, vice president, and chief technology officer for Watson, introduced attendees to a robot powered by Watson. During the demonstration, we saw Watson in robot form respond to queries just like a human would, using not only speech but movement as well. When Watson's dancing skills were called into question, the robot responded by showing off its Gangnam Style moves.

'This is the next level of cognitive computing that's beginning to take shape now, both in terms of what Watson can do when given the proper form, and what it can sense. Just like a real person, the underlying AI can get a read on people through movement and cognitive analysis of their speech. It can determine mood, tone, inflection, and so forth.

'"We think this is very promising as a potential area for advancing cognitive computing," High said. "You could argue there’s a natural connection between artificial intelligence and the embodiment of that through robotics."'

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