April 28, 2016

"...extended interview conducted by DataBreaches.net and CyberWarNews.info with the hacker formerly known as 'GhostShell'"

Data Breaches: GhostShell characterized Anonymous as a “flawed concept.” We asked GhostShell, who still considers himself a member of Anonymous, why he considers it a flawed concept. He explained:

'For anyone that’s been to one of these networks they know already that in every op there are leaders running the op, there are those that handle the hacking and those that are forever present, never having or doing anything directly themselves instead just telling the ones that are, how to do it.

'It’s the exact procedure as with building and entrapping separate hacker groups. You either follow in line or get out. And if you’re strong enough to stick and follow through with your op you’re going to be discredited publicly or obfuscated. “That’s not the real official anonymous!”. Because we all know you need the super ultra chocolate coated delicious badge of anonymous that proves you’re an official member of the official anonymous group.

'Entrapment is the word of the day … it’s gotten to a point where Anonymous is synonymous with the FBI and other agencies both stateside and abroad. Once a hacker gets caught they’re “gone”, they’re no longer able to join and do ops unless they’re doing it for other reasons, but with the feds the problem is they’re always there. They don’t leave the scene they just multiply.

'So I think there’s a flaw in both the concept and the execution. In the concept because hackers get caught and removed but the feds and co. remain in a continuous cycle of misinformation. And in the execution because most people get tricked by them into thinking and doing various things.'

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