April 21, 2016

EM Drive: "How to explain the seeming violation of conservation of momentum."

MIT Technology Review: Mike McCulloch’s explanation is based on a new theory of inertia that makes startling predictions about the way objects move under very small accelerations. via Emerging Technology from the arXiv

'First some background. Inertia is the resistance of all massive objects to changes in motion or accelerations. In modern physics, inertia is treated as a fundamental property of massive objects subjected to an acceleration. Indeed, mass can be thought of as a measure of inertia. But why inertia exists at all has puzzled scientists for centuries.

'McCulloch’s idea is that inertia arises from an effect predicted by general relativity called Unruh radiation. This is the notion that an accelerating object experiences black body radiation. In other words, the universe warms up when you accelerate.

'According to McCulloch, inertia is simply the pressure the Unruh radiation exerts on an accelerating body.'

"Can the flyby anomalies be explained by a modification of inertia?" by M.E. McCulloch here

"Testing quantised inertia on the emdrive" by M.E. McCulloch here

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