April 21, 2016

"China has plans to orbit the moon, land people on it, and eventually settle a moon colony."

tech insider: But that's just part of the nation's vision for space exploration: China intends to get a spacecraft to Mars by 2020. by Rebecca Harrington

'Wu Weiren, chief designer of China’s moon and Mars missions, told the BBC of the country's plans.

'"Our long-term goal is to explore, land, and settle [on the moon]," he said in a video interview. "We want a manned lunar landing to stay for longer periods and establish a research base."

'Weiren didn't specify when the country plans to accomplish these goals, but he did say they will "check out" the far side of the moon before attempting to land astronauts there. This mission already has concrete plans.

'He also said China wants to reach Mars by 2020, and implied that the country has finally settled on a mission to send a rover to the Red Planet.

'"We will orbit Mars, land and deploy a rover — all in one mission," Weiren told the BBC.'

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