March 31, 2016

The Bruce Murray Space Image Library

The bright central spots near the center of Occator Crater are shown in enhanced color in this view from NASA's Dawn spacecraft. Lower resolution color data have been overlaid onto a higher resolution view. The view was produced by combining the highest resolution images of Occator obtained in February 2016 at image scales of 35 meters per pixel with color images obtained in September 2015 at image scales of 135 meters per pixel. The three images used to produce the color were taken using spectral filters centered at 438, 550 and 965 nanometers (blue, green, and near-infrared wavelengths). Dawn's close-up view reveals a dome in a smooth-walled pit in the bright center of the crater. Numerous linear features and fractures crisscross the top and flanks of this dome.
NASA / JPL-Caltech / UCLA / MPS / DLR / IDA

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