March 19, 2016

"On March 19, three days after [Tanvir Hassan] Zoha was kidnapped, police still have no clues."

softpedia: According to BDNews24, Zoha was a former collaborator of Bangladesh's ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Division and worked with various government agencies in the past. By Catalin Cimpanu

'It appears that his comments about the Bangladesh central bank cyber-heist were made working as a shadow investigator for a security company that family members declined to name.

'Answering questions about his own investigation into the central bank's cyber-heist, Zoha said that the "database administrator of the [Bangladesh Bank] server cannot avoid responsibility for such hacking" and that he "noticed apathy about the [server's] security system."

'Family members suspect that these comments Zoha made to the press on March 11 are the cause of his disappearance.'

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