March 30, 2016

"Microsoft today is introducing the Bot Framework, a new tool in preview to help developers build their own chatbots for their applications."

VentureBeat: There is also a new bot directory full of sample bots — like the BuildBot — that Microsoft is showing off today at the company’s Build developer conference in San Francisco. by Jordan Novet

'A BotBuilder software development kit (SDK) is available on GitHub under an open source MIT license. These bots can be implemented into a variety of applications, including Slack or Telegram or even email.

'“Bots are like new applications,” Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella said. “And digital assistants are meta apps, or like the new browsers. And intelligence is infused into all of your interactions. That’s the rich platform that we have.”

'The launch comes after Microsoft revealed its Chinese-speaking XiaoIce chatbot in 2014 and more recently the youth-focused Tay chatbot, which Microsoft yanked after the bot learned how to say racist things as a result of user input. But Microsoft is not deterred by the incident.'

Microsoft Bot Builder available on git hub here

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