March 29, 2016

"Malware has infected the computer network of MedStar Health, forcing the healthcare provider to shut down large portions of its electronic operations."

ZD Net: A statement by the health system said that all facilities remain open, and that there was "no evidence of compromised information." By Zack Whittaker

'The not-for-profit healthcare system operates ten hospitals across the Washington and Baltimore region, with more than a hundred outpatient health facilities. According to the system's website, it has more than 31,000 employees and serves hundreds of thousands of patients annually.

'One visitor to the hospital told ZDNet that staff switched the computers off after learning about the virus.

'The person, who was visiting a patient in one of the healthcare system's Washington DC hospital, said the computers were powered off for more than an hour, with all patient orders lost, the person said.'

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