March 23, 2016

"Despite maintaining one of the greatest treasure troves of intellectual capital on the planet, NASA, like virtually all federal agencies, is plagued by bureaucracy and competing interagency political agendas which creates a culture that stifles innovation."

Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology: While adversaries run rampant in the critical infrastructures of our Nation, nextgen cybersecurity proposals aimed at protecting our networks, data and internet enabled devices fail to gain the full support of agency leaders operating in siloed environments.

'This ICIT bulletin, entitled America is Under Siege: Now is the Time for NASA to Unleash Gryphon-X
introduces the Gryphon-X project from Ames Research, a proposed cybersecurity fusion and training center which brings together American organizations in the public, private and academic spheres for bleeding-edge cybersecurity collaboration.  This report details Gryphon-X and discusses why viable, innovative cybersecurity initiatives mandate the full support of our government agencies in the interest of national security.'

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