March 20, 2016

"Chinese workers have seen the future, and it involves artificial intelligence, robots, and other forms of automation replacing them, at least for repetitive tasks."

Quartz: In contrast to China, a minority of workers in Germany think machines will take over repetitive tasks in the future. by Joon Ian Wong

'Workers in Chile, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and France among other countries agree. But American workers and those in India are inclined to see things the Chinese way; nearly two-thirds of those polled said they thought the machines were coming for repetitive work.

'The impact of robots and artificial intelligence on the workplace is well-documented. These technologies are likely to impact everyone in the coming years, from factory-floor workers to doctors and lawyers.

'Millennials and employees who aren’t managers were the most concerned about rising automation, according to the report. Senior workers were more optimistic about a tech-enabled future, perhaps because they are closer to retirement, and occupy positions with more power and control, the report said.'

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