March 29, 2016

"Andrew Auernheimer, a black hat hacker known as Weev, has admitted to hacking thousands of Internet-connected printers and making them print out racist and anti-Semitic messages."

softpedia: The actual hack took place on Thursday, March 24, and by the second day, local newspapers were reporting on thousands of printers spewing out nasty messages all over their towns. by Catalin Cimpanu

'The attack hit printers in the US, but there were cases in Australia as well. While many companies reported the incident, it was in universities where things escalated, some of them calling the police and even the FBI.

'There were reports of the hack affecting printers at USC, UC Berkeley, Northwestern, UMass, Princeton, Brown University, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, DePaul University in Chicago, Clark University in Worcester, and many more.

'Paul Rivers, UC Berkeley CISO, was quoted as saying that "Berkeley wants to be #1 in many areas, but being #1 in printers listed as listening on the public internet as reported by [S]hodan shouldn't be one of those areas."'

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