February 28, 2016

"Software, if properly weaponized, could be far more destructive than any nuclear arsenal."

Business Insider: Under Deng’s leadership, China began one of the most ambitious and sophisticated meta- software development programs ever undertaken. by John McAfee

'And what is meta-software? It's the one science that the entire Western World has entirely overlooked. It is a high level set of principles for developing software that are imperative if a nation is to survive in a cyberwar.

'For example, programmers must constantly be audited. Every line of code written by every programmer is audited by two senior programmers, and these auditors are rotated each month and the same two are never paired more than once. You will see very clearly, later in this article, why such a principle is vital to a society’s survival.

'Another principal is that back doors into software can never, under any circumstances, be allowed. Under Deng Xiaoping, the penalty for back doors, and for violating any of the meta- software principles, was death.'

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