February 29, 2016

"NASA wants to put a supersonic passenger jet back in the sky that promises to a soft thump or supersonic heartbeat as the agency called it -- rather than the disruptive boom currently associated with such high-speed flight."

Network World: The “low-boom” aircraft known as Quiet Supersonic Technology (QueSST) will be built by a team led by Lockheed Martin Aeronautics which will get $20 million to develop baseline aircraft requirements and a preliminary aircraft design. By Michael Cooney

'“In addition to design and building, this Low Boom Flight Demonstration (LBFD) phase of the project also will include validation of community response to the new, quieter supersonic design. The detailed design and building of the QueSST aircraft, conducted under the NASA Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate's Integrated Aviation Systems Program, will fall under a future contract competition,” NASA stated.

'QueSST is just one of many so called experimental aircraft or X-Planes that NASA would like to build under a new agency initiative called New Aviation Horizons.

'New Horizons is a 10-year plan to develop all manner of new aviation technology including faster, quieter, less polluting, more fuel-efficient aircraft. Details of the plan were outlined in NASA’s current budget request for 2017 so it will need to be funded going forward – a tricky proposition these days it seems.'

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