February 25, 2016

"In November, Motherboard reported that a 'university-based research institute' provided information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation that led to the identification of criminal suspects on the so-called dark web."

Motherboard: Circumstantial evidence pointed to that body being the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). by Joseph Cox

'After a media-storm, CMU published a very carefully worded press release, implying that it had been subpoenaed for the IP addresses it obtained during its research.

'Now, both the name of the university and the existence of a subpoena have been confirmed in a recent filing in one of the affected criminal cases.

'“The record demonstrates that the defendant's IP address was identified by the Software Engineering Institute (“SEI”) of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU”) [sic] when SEI was conducting research on the Tor network which was funded by the Department of Defense (“DOD”),” an order filed on Tuesday in the case of Brian Farrell reads. Farrell is charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine due to his alleged role as a staff member of the Silk Road 2.0 dark web marketplace.'

Much more plus updates AND embedded court filing [NO. CR15-029RAJ ORDER ON DEFENDANT’S MOTION TO COMPEL] here

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