January 05, 2016

"Two of our best science fiction authors working today embraced the generation ship as a storytelling vessel: Kim Stanley Robinson and...Neal Stephenson."

Motherboard: Their books, Aurora and Seveneves, respectively, each focused on an “ark” full of humans surviving through space for various reasons. by Brian Merchant

'In the case of Aurora, which is a gripping, fascinating account of a generations-spanning deep-space trip to the nearest habitable planet, the message is clear: Earth may be our only habitable home, so let’s not fuck it up.

'Seveneves, Neal Stephenson’s major epic novel, in which humanity rallies its biggest brains to save itself by building a series of orbital habitats after a planet-destroying catastrophe...starts with a standard sci-fi premise—what if the moon blew up?—and spirals into a fascinating post-Earth history, begins with a similar and sorely theme: When humanity’s in dire straits, it fully possesses the capacity and ingenuity to solve big, civilization-threatening problems.'

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