January 09, 2016

"Here’s a fun find in the new Fermi data: an unknown source of gamma rays!"

Forbes: It could be a black hole, a pulsar, a non-pulsing neutron star, or even an extragalactic source that happens to be aligned with out galactic plane. by Ethan Siegel

'It’s always exciting to find something new, but this may be a case where we don’t even need to go take a telescope and go look to find out what it is; we might just be able to go and look in the currently-existing Spitzer data to discovery it!

'The entire GLIMPSE survey required two million images taken over a 10-year period by Spitzer, and it wound up mapping the entire Milky Way’s plane, extending north and south of the actual plane itself by a few degrees. This unknown object ought to have already been imaged by the Spitzer Space Telescope at high resolution, and should have data at least in the 3.6, 4.5 and 8.0 micron wavelengths, along with the 12 micron infrared WISE data. The overall GLIMPSE composite is available online, but anyone can go in and find the individual high-resolution panels, available for download (as huge files) here.'

"...a nebula that may be indicative of recent star formation and, hence, a fantastic stellar remnant and potentially a massive black hole?" Source: NASA/JPL-Caltech/GLIMPSE Team

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