January 03, 2016

"'Dream Technologies'...that might be based in modern theoretical physics, but whose possibility for our Universe are as yet undetermined"

Forbes: Transporter technology, in theory could use the property of quantum entanglement to move any quantum system instantaneously from one location to another, so long as the system’s wavefunction had a finite probability of being at either location. by Ethan Siegel

'But whether it’s possible to make a macroscopic system have this property over a sizable distance is not yet known. Warp drive and instantaneous communication both rely on the warping of spacetime and the ability to send a signal (in the case of communication) or matter (in the case of warp drive) through this warped space stably and without being destroyed. In principle, it may be possible to construct a solution in General Relativity where this occurs.

'However, what’s again not clear is whether one can achieve this in our Universe without having any or all of the following occur: 1) Requiring something like the amount of energy stored in the entire Sun; 2) Destroying through colossal tidal forces any matter you’d attempt to send through the warped space; 3) Destroying any matter by creating and then un-creating the severely warped space; 4) Or whether it’s even possible to join two distinctly separated locations in spacetime.'

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