December 30, 2015

"With a street address of 1 Rocket Road, SpaceX's HQ would certainly be an appropriate landing site for the first rocket the company recovered."

collect space: On Thursday (Dec. 24), the recovered stage became the first tenant of SpaceX's new horizontal integration facility, a long hangar erected at the entrance to Pad 39A.

'"[We will] do a static fire at the launch pad there, to confirm that all systems are good and that we are able to do a full thrust hold-down firing of the rocket," Musk said after the stage landed. The static fire will also test the modifications SpaceX has made to Pad 39A to support its rockets.

'After that though, the stage will become a display piece.

'"I think we will keep this one on the ground for tests that prove it could fly again and then put it somewhere — just because it is quite unique," Musk said.

'But where is somewhere? SpaceX has yet to hint at, let alone perhaps decide, where the rocket stage may land for display.'

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