December 24, 2015

"Though it may be winter down here on earth, flowers are now in bloom for the first time up in space."

Bustle On the International Space Station, NASA is successfully growing zinnia flowers as part of its larger project named the Vegetable Production System (or Veggie, for short). by Melissa Cruz

'NASA's latest announcement helps to usher in a slew of possibilities for its growing capabilities, as well as its astronauts who depend on vegetation as both a food source and form of recreation.

'The ISS' Veggie facility is a low-cost growth chamber that provides plants with lighting, nutrients, and planting "pillows" that provide additional nourishment for the roots. The task of physically growing the plants is just the baseline of the project, however — in addition to providing recreation for astronauts on long-duration missions, the plants may also be used for fresh food and educational outreach.

'The long-term goal is to determine how plants sense and respond to gravity. And by assessing the data collected from the Veggie project and subsequent investigation, researchers may be able to determine how to make agricultural systems down here on Earth more efficient.'

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