December 19, 2015

"India on Wednesday put into orbit in copy book style six Singaporean satellites that will hover about 550 km above the Earth for up to five years."

First Post The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle's Core Alone (PSLV-CA) variant -- standing 44.4 metres tall and weighing 227 tonnes -- rose into the evening skies at 6, riding majestically on the tail of fierce orange flames. via IANS

'Launching of multiple satellites with a single rocket is not new for ISRO. The challenge is to launch several satellites at different orbits with one rocket.

'This is what ISRO tested after the PSLV ejected the Singaporean satellites on Wednesday.

'The PSLV rocket is a four stage/engine rocket powered by solid and liquid fuel alternatively.

'"Restarting a rocket engine soon after it is shut off is a critical technology that has to be mastered. Once a rocket engine is activated, then the heat generated is very high. The trick is to cool it down in the space and to restart it at a short gap," an industry expert told IANS.

'The engine operating for few seconds went up to an altitude of 524 km before the stage was cut off again.'

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