December 11, 2015

"If you’re finding it hard to study, a Chrome app called Language Immersion for Chrome can help get you started or keep up practice on a language you already know."

PC World All you have to do is give LI a target language and rate your level of knowledge from novice to fluent. by Ian Paul

'Then the extension will slip words or phrases from the target language into the websites you visit every day. LI for Chrome uses Google Translate and is available for 64 of the languages Google’s Translate service offers.

'Download and install Language Immersion for Chrome. Once it’s installed, click the icon that appears to the right of the address bar. Then just choose your language, set your level of fluency, and you’re ready to go.

'Now just visit a website and you’ll see words or phrases that are highlighted and translated into the target language. It’s your job to make sense of the translated portion to build your vocabulary. If you’re having a really tough time, just click on the translated words and they’ll revert back to English. Click again and they go back to your target language. The extension’s settings also have an option to hear any translated portions spoken using Google Translate.'

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