December 07, 2015

"Google's Santa Tracker has a new feature - Code Lab - where you'll find an introduction to coding that is suitable for the very young."

i programmer If you haven't already come across Google's interactive advent calendar you may be surprised at the amount of content it offers for kids and their parents and teachers. by Lucy Black

'As in previous years it offers games and videos, rolling them out at the rate of one per day. As well as intending to entertain and add to the excitement of the holiday season, Google provides educational adventures which are intended to: "sneak in learning experiences between all the fun and games."

'To make it a suitable resource for the classroom it even provides lesson plans on topics such as Christmas traditions around the world.

'New for 2015 is Code Lab which opened on December 1. The activity it presents is to navigate a grid layout using the fewest possible instructions. It is a simple introduction to using Google's Blockly and provides the opportunity to view the JavaScript this is generated.'

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