November 16, 2015

"The powerful gene editing system CRISPR has been made even more potent by researchers at UC San Diego and Carlsbad's Isis Pharmaceuticals, they announced Monday in PNAS."

San Diego Union-Tribune Better genetically modified animals for disease research and for organ transplantation, and other research and therapeutic uses could arise from the enhanced technology. By Bradley J. Fikes

'Researchers improved CRISPR's accuracy and made the system itself more stable, the study said. The article will be available at

'CRISPR was discovered in bacteria, which use it to identify and destroy invading viruses. The technology has been adapted to edit the genomes of animal cells. This has created a revolution in gene editing, allowing scientists to swiftly locate and modify several genes at once.

'However, the technology has room for improvement, especially if it is to be used in human therapy.'

ARTICLE: "CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technique can be transiently activated and inactivated using RNA-based drugs, giving researchers more precise control in correcting and inactivating genes..."

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